Official Bio

JESSICA LORION is an actor, coach and podcast host/producer, who has lived in New York City for the past 11 years.  Two of those years she spent on the road with the National Tour of Beauty and the Beast as the "sexy siren" Babette.  After traveling the country, Jessica continued with the Disney theme as Mary Poppins, in the title show in the Wisconsin Dells.  She then returned home to MA to reprise the role as a Guest Artist!  

Jessica has recorded new works with Theatrical Rights Worldwide and been a part of new readings with Broadway Licensing Worldwide.  Her commercial for King Clean marks her entry into TV and film, which she continues to study with a passion.  

In 2015, Jessica played Cinderella at The Fulton Theater in their Family Series, while performing at night in The Producers.  In 2016, she had the privilege of being a part of the World Premiere Chamber Version of Ghost: The Musical, a co-production at The Fulton Theatre & Maine State Music Theater.  She has performed around the country in many regional productions including The Music Man, Carousel, Legally Blonde, A Christmas Carol, The Wedding Singer, Evita and 42nd Street.

Teaching, encouraging and inspiring has always been important to Jessica and she continues to do so with a Master Class that she teaches all over the country.  She also is a judge for Showchoir competitions and a choreographer.  Jessica found her passion years ago and wants to help the youth find that passion and see how this business is a true life-style.  

She is also the founder and Host of "The Pumping Podcast." A podcast for moms who are pumping or breastfeeding to listen to so they don't feel alone. Interviews of moms and their journey into motherhood. Being a mom is a heroic job and one that Jessica aspires to do one day. Until that day comes, she is learning everything she can about the job through the interviews and is sharing them with the world to support motherhood. Listen @ThePumpingPodcast on iTunes, Spotify and GooglePlay. 

"If you think you can, you can! If you think you can't, you're right!"


In her own words...


An East Coast Girl

I grew up in Massachusetts where I studied piano, dance and singing, but I also played soccer.  Growing up with musical parents, I loved music and the arts- I was surrounded by it.  I also was involved with different school groups: having a passion for helping others, being a leader and organizing; whether it was my trapper-keeper growing up or my NYC apartment.  I also love seeking out all sorts of thrills like sky-diving, zip-lining and roller-coasters.


A True New Yorker

I graduated from Shenandoah Conservatory in 2008, and after 11 years in the city, I am now an official New Yorker.  I live in Astoria with my passionate and loving actor husband, whom I met when I first moved.  When I am not performing, you can find me at a local coffee shop, working out or spending time with my amazing support system of friends.


Always Learning

I have found a new love for the camera after studying TV/Film in a fabulous class by Heidi Marshall.  I have truly found an amazing group of teachers: acting, singing, TV/Film, coaches...a real TEAM, that has transformed me as an actor and a person and I'm so grateful.


Amanda Finn, Broadway World:

“Jessica Lorion commanded the stage as a forceful, but motherly, Poppins. Her voice soaring, as she did through the air, into the space around her – Lorion’s graceful performance of the role provided the genuine affection that audiences expect. Her no nonsense approach when combined with the character’s hints of imagination could give dear Julie Andrews a run for her money. Frankly, Lorion was born to play the role.

Amanda Gunther, DC Metro Theater Arts:

“Babette (Jessica Lorion) the French Maid turned Feather Duster is a saucy fun and flirty character who is constantly having a tiff with Lumiere (Hassan Nazari-Robati). Their on-again-off-again chemistry is perfect for the musical, creating a little side plot of funny love during the more light-hearted scenes of the show.”

Paula Citron, Personal Blogger:

“Jessica Lorion is the sexy siren Babette.”

Kathy Lauer-Williams, The Morning Call:

“Jessica Lorion, was a sparkling, if a bit sexy, Babette.”

Dave Ross, The Charlebois Post-Toronto:

“Jessica Lorion does a charming Babette.”

Michael Grossberg, The Columbus Dispatch:

“Adding personality and humor [is...] Jessica Lorion’s sexy French Maid, Babette.”