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Jessica travels nationally to teach master classes.  A master class may be customized to fit your students or she can bring her custom:

"Breaking Down the Audition" Master Class: Essentials of a Professional New York City Audition Experience. 

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Audition prep or last minute auditions... whatever it is, let Jessica help you! 

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Looking for someone to help choreograph for your school/production? 

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-Eddie Boland

Jess is very welcoming and made me feel very comfortable!  After her Masterclass, I definitely left with A LOT of knowledge and now I know my BIG goals and next steps.  I feel so much more comfortable singing my new song and now I don’t worry as much on how it sounds and what to do with my hands.  She taught me how I can just use my face to show what I’m feeling!  The feedback that she gave was very informative and even watching others perform, I learned from that too.  

-Owen Parker

Jess’ Masterclass was very useful and helpful!  I didn’t know very much about how a NYC audition worked besides just singing, but now I have a journal of all the notes I took that can help me in the future with theatre!  I loved learning about how to set up your headshot and resume and where to find auditions/professional theaters.

-Tyler DeCouto

Even though it has only been a few days, since the Masterclass, I have already noticed a difference in how I sing.  She taught me how to connect to the material personally and ultimately sing it better!  Before Jess’ masterclass, my knowledge of the NYC audition experience/life of an actor was very minimal, but by the end I learned how to have a successful audition.  

-William Russell

Before working with Jess, I had done a few auditions in NYC, but hearing her experiences & stories were great!  I learned how even little adjustments can change and improve how an audition looks and feels.  The top two things I took away from her Masterclass were to never let anyone psych you out and to be nice to everyone you interact with, especially in an audition room. 

-Victoria DeFeo-Gelman

 I did not know much of anything about a NYC audition or being an actor before working with Jess, and I was a little nervous about the performing aspect and how that was going to go, but everything was great!  I learned how to make a good resume, what to tell an accompanist and from others, not only my session with her privately.  The information was very helpful and will be good to draw from!

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